screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-9-48-48-amDermaplaning, also known as Epidermal leveling is a gentle form of manual exfoliation of the skin that resurfaces sun-damaged, dull, dehydrated  skin. Dermaplaning is a gentle medical skin treatment that is performed by using a surgical blade that gently scrapes the outermost layers of the epidermis, therefore, ridding it of dead skin cells, impurities and debris. As we age, our skin naturally does not replenish skin cells as quickly as it once did, allowing the dead skin cells to build up and create a dull, dry appearance. Dermaplaning stimulates the skin in to producing new skin cells again. It also helps smooth away rough textures and lightens scars or other types of unwanted pigmentations. This treatment is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin and to regenerate new skin cells thus leaving the complexion smooth, soft and vibrant.


Won’t the hairs on the face grow back thicker?

No. The hair on the face is called vellous hairs and it is physiologically impossible to grow back thicker.  There are two types of hair that grow on our bodies.  Vellous (tiny translucent blonde hair) and Terminal (thicker hair that grows under the arms, pubic area, eye brows, mustache and beard for men and legs). Vellous hair when cut or removed will grow back the same.  The structure of the hair does not become damaged, therefore it is impossible to alter.  Terminal hair is physiologically coarse.  When Terminal hair is cut, it grows back the same way…coarse.

Is this treatment safe?

Dermaplaning is a safe treatment when performed by a professional. All skin types and colors can benefit from derma planing or blading. Our medical esthetician is highly trained and experienced in performing the dermaplaning service. The treatment is safely performed using a #10 sterile surgical blade. While holding the area of skin taut, the blade stoked along the skin at a 45 degree angle.

Does it hurt?

This quick, non-surgical procedure is pain free. There is no swelling or pain associated with the dermaplaning procedure. Most people say it feels good and there is absolutely no down time. The reason there is no pain with the dermaplaning procedure is because there are no chemicals used and the procedure is only taking off the dead skin cells that surface the skin.

Can I Have A Chemical Peel At The Same Time?

The combination of dermaplaning with a chemical peel is an excellent skincare treatment and one that we recommend to many of our clients. Since dermaplaning removes the dead skin cells that act as a strong barrier against products, the alpha and beta hydroxyl acids in the peel are able to better penetrate into the skin to encourage new cell growth, reduce discoloration, soften fine lines, and minimize the appearance of pores. Since this is a more intensive treatment than the dermaplaning facial there can be 1-2 days of slight skin flaking around the nose and mouth after the treatment.

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