mens-laserDIOLAZE™ Laser Hair Removal

More and more men choose to have laser hair removal so that they can have a smooth and less hairy skin. Reducing or thinning the hair on the chest and back are two of the most commonly requested procedures by our male clients. Another popular body part for laser hair removal is the neck and beard area. Many of our patients have suffered from ingrown hair and folliculitis. Laser hair removal helps in thinning the hair and decreasing the amount of ingrown hairs.

SmartXide DOT™ Fractional CO2

SmartXide DOT™ Fractional CO2 minimizes wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, and scarring all while increasing collagen production through its revolutionary fractionated CO2 technology. Unlike traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, the SmartXide DOT™ Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing has more manageable downtime and manageable sensation during the treatment. This is an effective treatment for both men and women and excellent results can be obtained in as little as 1 or 2 treatments with minimal recovery time.

Lumecca™ IPL Photofacial

Sun damage, Rosacea and Brown Spots are common in both men and women’s skin. A Photofacial can lessen the appearance or completely rid your skin of these concerns. Men commonly come to receive this treatment on the top of their head as well as their face, neck and chest. A Photofacial can also help soften rough skin in these areas.

Fractora™ Fractional Resurfacing

Turning back the clock on aging and sun-damaged skin is a benefit that our male clients appreciate just as much as our female clients. Fractional laser resurfacing can offer those benefits and more. We are proud to offer a next-generation fractional laser which is a significant advance over the older fractional technology.


Is laser hair removal for men?

Yes, many of our patients are men. After receiving treatment they are very happy and refer others to our offices. Laser hair removal for men is a popular solution for excessive hair on back, chests and legs. Many athletic men enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal as a way to achieve better athletic results. Removal of unwanted hair in the nose and the ears can also give you that added confidence you so much desire. Additionally, men who have gained a level of fitness and muscle tone don’t want to hide their attractive muscles behind a thick coating of hair.

Do I need to shave before laser hair removal?

YES! Please give a close shave the day of your treatment. For areas that you cannot reach, we can readily facilitate this need to ensure the effectiveness of your treatments. Also, any waxing or any other method that removes the entire hair follicle, including the root, must be discontinued at least three weeks prior to treatment.

Do men really get laser resurfacing treatments done?

Looking your best will often give you an edge over the competition. Men are increasingly more interested in getting rid of the fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, and other signs of aging which make us look older and more tired. Our laser facial treatments are one of our more popular treatments and will remove fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of sun damage, such as brown spots, by stimulating collagen production. After one treatment, skin will look younger, smoother, and healthier. We recommend a series of five to six treatments to maximize the positive effects on your skin and to keep you looking your best.

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