Do you Have areas of unwanted fat deposit? Do you have 25 minutes? SculptSure Is the latest technology used to get rid of fat. Up to now there was surgery, fat freezing, ultrasound busting, and dieting. Now using the same laser wave length used for destroying fat using a fiberoptic delivery system called SmartLipo, Fat deposits are diminished in destroyed ingest 25 minutes. In a painless Spa Visit you can get rid of up to 24% of the fat in in the given area with each session of SculptSure. Since the fat is destroyed but remains in place while the body gets rid of it, the final results are seen in 3 months. He will start seen the early results at 1 month to 6 weeks. This procedure can be repeated in the same area and because of the unique properties of the laser energy the effect tapers nicely preventing visible cutoffs. The only postprocedural instructions include light exercise for a couple of weeks and massaging the area gently for a few minutes a day for the next few days.
While this is no substitute for healthy lifestyle including proper diet and exercise, it can let you target those stubborn areas that bother you even when your at your ideal body weight. For me that area was my love handles. I am approximately 2-1/2 months after my procedure and have notices significant improvement. I look forward to getting the final photographs and posting them on my website. Please call La-Piel Spa at 239-352-5554 for a free consultation.

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